April 3, 2015

The Disposal

Well, the downsizing process is nearing completion.  We have Moved (sorted, packed, moved to new location, unpacked and designed); shipped desired treasures to the Family; sold unwanted items via the Sell to Auction houses, dealers, and on-line; and Donated items of value to our preferred charity.  The last component of downsizing is the Disposal.  Sounds easy, but the process is somewhat comprehensive if done correctly.
April 4, 2015


In review, we have completed The Move and our senior(s) are in their new home and hopefully enjoying their new adventure.  Secondly, The Family has sorted through the remaining items at the original home and we have shipped to the appropriate locations.  Thirdly, The Sell was successful basis an on-line auction, estate sale or dealer purchases.  We have gone from a large amount of “stuff” to a much reduced and more manageable quantity of items for further liquidation.
March 23, 2016

Downsizing to the Community. Be Disciplined

During past posts, I have outlined in detail the essential steps in downsizing.  The MOVE (sort, pack, transport, unpack & design) is always the most comprehensive and also the most important.  An orderly move allows the senior to transition into their new home with minimal emotional and physical stress.